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Keynote Artist:
THE 502s

Keynote Conversation:

Conference Mainstage • 4pm

Live Performance:
The Backyard MainStage • 10pm

The 502s fancy themselves as undeniable, immaculate rays of Florida sunshine bringing happiness to the world, one tune at a time.
Led by earnest banjo-strumming songwriter, Ed Isola, they’re a band of brothers who are just trying to throw a party, invite the world, and celebrate life for all it’s worth.
However, it takes a lot of hard work, in the studio, on the road and online to keep increasing the size of the party, and with each release, The 502s have firmly planted their grassroots in the Americana soil here and abroad with critical acclaim on record and onstage, and sold out tours along the East Coast and throughout the UK... The 502s return home following their Bonnaroo debut to celebrate with their hometown faithful and share their 'overnight success' story.

Keynote Artist: THE 502s: News & Updates
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