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Keynote Conversation:

Kyle Lemaire (Circa) of Indepreneur

W/ The 502s
Sat, June 25th • 4pm

Kyle Lemair aka Circa, has turned the music industry on its head by creating Indepreneur - the fastest growing online community for independent musicians looking to build a business with their music career.

Circa started Indepreneur with the intention of enriching the lives of independent musicians by testing, optimizing, and teaching direct response marketing strategies for music business.  One of his biggest success stories, The 502’s, will be doing a Keynote alongside him, showing what’s possible if you follow the Indepreneur method.  Don’t miss this incredible Keynote with two of Orlando’s biggest disruptors in the industry.

Keynote Conversation: Kyle Lemaire (Circa) of Indepreneur: News
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